Blu-ray + All 4 Books

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Get the full movie on Blu-ray PLUS ALL four of Joel and Rebekah's books in paperback:

HELP! Someone I Love Has Cancer

When someone you love gets diagnosed with cancer...

What do you say? What do you do or not do?

This book will give you tons of practical advice on becoming a cancer-angel to your loved one.

In Your Corner

Your spouse has cancer...

What in the world do you do?

How do you stay strong?

In Your Corner is a survival guide for caregivers.


How are we to deal with fear and despair? By embracing a different kind of hope, one so revolutionary only the word EPIC captures it.  This book boldly tackles the meaning of life question and will show you what our only true objective hope is. 

WHY Does God Allow Things Like Cancer?

There are answers! They may not be easy or quick, but for the hurting heart who cares to know WHY God allows things like cancer, there are answers—answers that give us a powerful hope!

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DVD (includes 6-Panel Insert)
4 Paperback books, signed
Free Bonus eBook "The Story Behind the Movie"
Handwritten thank you note from Joel and Rebekah
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Blu-ray + All 4 Books

0 ratings
I want this!